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Character Biography
Daenelia Bradley, a portrait by Fiona Marchbank

Full name: Daenelia Bradley

Age: 36 (born in 1814)

Gender: female

Species: human

Position: Captain of the Steamhawke

Height: 1.73m

Body type: average to muscled

Hair colour: darke blonde

Eye colour: blue

Daenelia Bradley is a player created original character created by Dae [1].


Early life

Daenelia was born into a shopkeeper family. Her parents disappeared, leaving her and her brother to their own devices. Daenelia 'acquired' a little rowboat at age 17 and rowed up and down the river between three minor towns carrying goods. At 18, Daenelia joined a sky pirate ship. Later her brother won a sky ship in a card game. He was murdered shortly after this, leaving the ship to Daenelia. She lost the ship when it blew up after 2 years, and Daenelia used her savings (and those of her crew) to buy a new and bigger ship. By this time, she was making a small name as a pirate. Before she got the Steamhawke, she had captained four ships. [2]


Daenelia has not had a very happy or stable personal life. On the first ship she sailed the skies[3], she met First Mate Jack Stallion who became her lover[4], even if it was more out of convenience than love. Daenelia betrayed him when she joined a mutiny against the Captain Dubois, a man he admired a lot. Jack threw Daenelia overboard, leaving her for dead[5].

Later in life, she met a man called Elias Ambrose, a wealthy man with a plan to build a magnificent sky ship. Her plan to steal his ship from him consisted of making fall in love with her. Her plan backfired, and resulted in the ship being destroyed, as well as Elias losing his wife and children, and his favourite dog. Elias himself barely survived and is now more machine than man.

Character story

Captain Daenelia Bradley sailed into Seaport on the Steamhawke, with just Chops McGinty as her crew[6]. After picking up an assorted crew, she sets off again based on a treasure map[7]. Her hope is to find a treasure in Elladia. She bought a map in Seaport which indicated the place where Blue Barry's ship had sunk, with the famed treasure of Quazlatah. She sets course to Mypos, a small island in Elladia, because she knows the old library there holds books and maps about pirate history. It is a small inconvenience that the island is run by Kristos Kuntos, another former lover of Daenelia. Though she barters with him for free docking and feels secure enough that she won't be arrested by the Nauticus Guard, it doesn't take long for her crew to find trouble. She decides to not outstay their welcome and the Steamhawke sets off to the north of the island.

The coordinates that indicated where Blue Barry's ship sunk lead the Steamhawke into a strange alchemical mist. It desorients the crew and alters their mood. It takes them days to wander through the mist, before they spot a sunken wreck. On board they find a man who had been robbed by pirates. Ciprian Cendrars explains he is a writer, and in need of rescue. Though he tells the crew he explored the ship and found no treasure, Daenelia still sends over a few of the crew to comb the ship for clues. Whether it was the mist affecting their brains or not, all that the crew found was a gruesome zombie of Blue Barry telling them to get off his ship.

It has become clear they must leave the mist. But when they finally see daylight again, Daenelia is faced with a demon from her past: her ex-lover Captain Jack Stallion of the Sky Tiger. The Sky Tiger is engaged in a sky battle with the Nauticus Guard. Once the last ship of the Guard falls from the sky, Jack spies the Steamhawke. He has been following the ship since Seaport, to take the treasure map from Daenelia. The crew of the Steamhawke have little time to prepare for battle.

The battle seems to last for ever, but ultimately Jack and his crew board the Steamhawke. What they don't know is that Wren Tamryl and Ashrieda Sjaarda had planted an explosive device on the Sky Tiger. As Jack fights Daenelia and tries to steal her map from her, the Sky Tiger explodes and goes down in flames. Jack loses his hand in the fight for the map, and Daenelia has him thrown overboard, mirroring what he did to her. The Steamhawke slowly makes its way to Seaport for repairs. And Daenelia now has both her and Jack's maps which will lead to the treasure of Quazalath.

In Seaport she meets Elias Ambrose again[8]. Another former lover who was horribly injured when Daenelia tried to steal his ship from him. Not only did she almost get him killed, she was responsible for the death of his family as well. Even with all this between them. Elias still helps Daenelia with a large sum of money to cover the costs of the ship's repairs. His motives are unclear and it makes Daenelia feel uncomfortable. But she takes the money and uses it to pay her crew as well as repair and upgrade the ship and its engines. She keeps to herself while in Seaport, barely leaving the ship, even to hire new crew.


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