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Seaport is an independent island nation in Europa. It is a free haven, where sky pirates and other criminals can come for trade, picking up crew and doing other business without fear of being hunted by the major nations.

Although Seaport is officially governed by a mayor, his rule is ceremonial at best and his involvement in the island is usually limited to settling minor disputes. The citizens of Seaport usually find their own solutions to their problem. Recently however a man known as the Governor has assumed authority over the island.

Seaport had been invaded by the Merovingian Empire in 1709. It is unknown how long Seaport was under Merovingian control, but there are buildings on the island that show a heavy Merovingian architectural influence, such as Barnacle's Bar.


Seaport specialises in ship repairs, stocking ships, and outfitting sailors and travellers. Situated neatly in the western edge of Europa, it is a favourite stop for many ships heading to and from the Old West. Because of its lack of proper laws and because no nation can lay full claim to the island anymore, the port is a safe stop-over for pirate ships as well. As long as crews and ships don't disrupt trade, any ship may dock there.

The main streets near the docks for seaships as well as skyships are full of traders, food merchants, tailors, taverns and bars. Further away from the docks, you'll find classier hotels and restaurants, catering to passengers with some wealth.

There is an elderly mapmaker in Seaport [1].

Notable people

The Governor: Seaport does not actually have a governor. Nigel Bonney had established himself as the ruling party in a very short time, possibly with the help of some agents of Brittania or the Old West. His motives are to enrich himself over the backs of the hardworking men and women of Seaport. Rosita from Barnacle's Bar is a driving force against the Governor's power. The Governor was married and has a daughter.

Aurelia Bonney: is the Governor's only daughter [2]. She is ruthless and tries to impress her father by helping him keep the island under control.

Rosita Martinez: is the owner of Seaport's best known tavern/bar: Barnacle's Bar. With her four sons she runs the bar, and keeps as much of the area around the tavern safe. Rosita's sons turned into more than a family when more and more strong men and women joined with them to take on the Governor's men.[3] Rosita's biological sons are, oldest to youngest: Leon, Matteo, Jaime and Tomas [4] [5] Rosita also has a grandson named Josep, who is the child of either Leon, Matteo or Jaime. [6]

Kytreth Monelli: The daughter of the proprietor of Monelli's, a gambling establishment which is quite popular with the Seaport sailors. Kyreth dabbles in finding, buying and selling information.[7]


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