Remington Perry the Third

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Basic Biography

Full name: Remington Perry the Third

Age: 22 years

Gender: male

Species: human

Sketch of Remington, by Daenelia

This is an npc, first created by Five. Remington is the rich husband of Bridget Perry.

Character story

Coming from a well off Western city family, Remington comes across as a cliched spoiled rich kid. He thinks he knows more about everything than anyone else. Remington is protective of his wife, although his sharp rudeness is more likely to get them both in trouble than anything else.

Remington booked passage on Steamhawke to get from Seaport to Columbus City, as part of his honeymoon with his new wife. The newlyweds made sure the entire ship was aware of their romance [1].


  1. Chapter 7, Getting around
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