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Sketch of Nate Winters, by Daenelia
Basic Biography

Full name: Nate Winters

Age: 28

Gender: male

Species: human

Nate is a deckhand and can be used as an NPC in the story [1].

Appearance and personality

Nate Winters is in top physical condition. He has a muscled physique from running back and forth on ships.

He has a square face, with a heavy brow and a nose that used to be straight before it got broken, His nose now points slightly to the right and has a lump on it. He has a tiny scar on the left side of his upperlip. His face looks rather flat, mainly because of his nose being flattened and the squareness of his face. He trims his hair very short, and is always clean shaven.

He wears regular pants, made of sturdy grey cotton, and a cotton shirt with a knitted vest over it. He also wears a white and red bandana, and has a pair of goggles on his head at all times. He says it is because he has sensitive eyes.

Nate is a handy guy. He has been on sky ships all his life. He is physically strong, but he is also smart. He can read maps and steer a sky ship if needed, and as his appearance indicates, can hold his own in a hand to hand fight. He is not easy to become friends with, but if he likes you, he'd walk through fire for you.

His darker side is that he can be cocky, with an attitude that gets him into trouble easily. He never knows when to retreat and shut up, and always has to have the last word, even if that means starting a fight.

Nate likes maps, and he likes finding the best route from one place to the other. He always carries a compass with him, if only to contradict the ship's captain on how to get to their destination. He also likes women and beer. He spends a good deal of his free time playing cards [2].

Character Story

Nate Winters is the eldest of four brothers, all born in Brittania. His mother was an immigrant from the European mainland, his father a soldier in the army. Nate lost his father on the day his youngest brother turned one. Through many mishaps, Nate ended up on sky pirate ships from age 16 onwards. He tries to provide for his younger brothers and his mother, but he always fails to save enough to send back home.


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