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Mei-Xiu is a player created original character, currently not active.

Mei-Xiu [1] appears to be in her early twenties, but her exact age is unknown. She serves aboard the Steamhawke as a War Dog. Mei-Xiu may look like a young woman, but she is an automaton, created as an assassin. She has a pet monkey called Kichi.


Early Life

The automaton was built and sold to a wealthy client to assassinate his enemies. Her body was and is mechanical, but she is animated by the spiritual essences of many different deceased people, allowing her to do things like dream and causing confusing memories of other lives. Mei preformed many missions, slowly gaining sentience and learning to fear her cruel owner. She did not think much of those she killed. After all, they were just cruel and haughty organics just as bad as him. She'd go into their homes and pretend to be a dancer, a servant ,anything and then one day she got caught in the act and her owner said she was rogue and knowing she'd just be dismantled, she ran away.

After getting to the slums, she remembered her body no longer being able to run and waking up in a strange bed in a small home. The man living there explained he knew what was going on and asked for her story which she gave and soon enough the man, Shou, became a father figure to her and taught that she could be more than just an order-taking killing machine and gave her a name.

It turned out that Shou was in trouble too for stealing from a rich man to feed his late daughter and he had to run away. Before doing so, he gave her a puzzle box that would show her where he was going next so she could send him letters and told her how to get out of the city. Disguised as a young man to avoid arrest, she was able to join the crew of the Steamhawke as a war dog.


Mei-Xiu first appears in chapter 5, where she is ordered to board the sky ship belonging to Jack Stallion, the Sky Tiger [2]. She fights valiantly besides her crew mates Caroline Summers and Ciprian Cendrars [3]. Unfortunately, they get trapped on board the Sky Tiger [4]. They find a prisoner, Iride Coriolix, who plots with them to escape the ship, before they get caught or the Sky Tiger gets destroyed. They manage to survive and Mei-Xiu arrives with the rest of the crew in Seaport.

In chapter 6, Mei meets and adopts a monkey named Kichi right before a fight is started by Ed's homicidal and seemingly invincible sister Elizabeth. She somehow attracts the attention of Governor's daughter, Aurelia Bonney, who sends one of her father's men to get her around the time of the bar fight. When the bar fight breaks out, the automaton in overhears some men talking about kidnapping Josep, causing her to hide him and is subsequently put at gunpoint to get her to reveal his location. She is saved by Azzo Weisse and the three go hide in a church [5]. Mei quickly gets attached to Josep, a feeling that is proven mutual at the end of the chapter when he was hugs her and gives her an aggie [6].


Mei's way of speech is meant to sound out of place to show how she tends to stick out like a sore thumb,especially with her usage of the word night soil. Mei-Xiu is the first and only character to come from Gamshan, though her site biography doesn't mention her homeland.


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