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Basic Biography

Full name: Julian Salazar

Age: 68

Gender: male

Species: human

Julian was a player created original character [1], now no longer active.

General overview

A grumpy old man - that'd be the best way to describe Julian in a sentence. He is usually wearing some kind of head cover - either his old woolen cap, one of the few memoirs of his loving wife, or his wide brim 'cowbow' hat, depending on the weather. He isn't necessarily short, nor frail, but walks with a limp (thus the oak cane he keeps in reach at all times) and has a greying, dirty stuble around his face. When hatless, which isn't all too often, his head is near bald, a thinning matt of unkept grey hair. His hands are old and worn, a clear sign of his age and the wartime he has experienced, and to anyone who looking close enough, his single clear, blue eye has more than it's fair share of darkness and weariness hidden behind it. His left eye, hidden from view by a basic, skin-coloured patch, was long ago removed as a result of battle injuries.

As far as equipment goes, there are three things that Julian can almost always be counted on for having with him; a hat on his head, a revolver on his hip, and a burning cigarette (or sometimes even a cigar) hanging lazily from his lips. His revolver, a bit of a relic now, is the same sidearm he was given in his first tour of the war days. It's still his best, most reliable (and sometimes, he thinks, his only) friend.

Salazar was hired by Daenelia Bradley as Master Gunner on board Steamhawke[2].


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