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Character Biography
Colton small.png
John Colton, a portrait by Fiona Marchbank

Full name: John Colton

Age: 35 (born in 1815)

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: Civilian, escaped prisoner

Height: 1.85m

Body type: average

Hair colour: darke brown

Eye colour: green

Colton is a player created original character created by Five [1].

Early life

John Colton is an escaped prisoner of the Western military. He was arrested about a decade ago during a failed attempt to rob a goods train, and spent his incarceration performing manual labour in a dextrocite mine. Colton eventually managed to make his escape and has spent his time since then travelling across the Old West with the law at his back.

Colton grew up tending to the family ranch, but in his early twenties he was pulled into a life of piracy under the command of Daenelia Bradley, a criminal career that was cut short by his arrest in the Old West.


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