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Jack Stallion is a villain NPC.


Early life

Jack Stallion joined the sky ship the Sky Tiger before his 16th birthday. He was given the nickname 'Stallion' on a memorable raid on the mansion of a count. In one night Jack raped both the countess and her daughter, which impressed the ruthless pirates of the Sky Tiger much. It was obvious from this early age that Jack was a hard and violent man. Captain Dubois made Jack his First Mate when Jack was 25 years old. A year later Jack met Daenelia Bradley when she joined the crew of the Sky Tiger.


Jack and Daenelia by Daenelia

Jack is Daenelia's ex-lover. He also has a special fondness for a cabin boy named Sam.

Character story

Captain Jack Stallion first enters the story when he is chasing Daenelia to Elladia to take a treasure map from her, and possibly with the intent to kill her. After Steamhawke emerges from the alchemical fog, the two pirate captains face each other in battle [1]. Jack loses a hand to Daenelia in a one-on-one sword fight. After she takes the other map from him, she orders her crew to throw Jack over the side.

It is unknown if Jack Stallion survived this or not.


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