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Basic Biography

Full name: Doctor Ivan Yorvlad

Age: 34

Gender: male

Species: human

Dr. Yorvlad is a character added to the crew by Kanya Ashand's writer [1]. He is currently not on board the ship.



One's first impression of Doctor Yorvlad is generally that he is a tall and charming man. His erect posture suggests good breeding, and his thin nose is usually held high. He speaks fluently and always aims for flattery. It is only at second look that one notices the tiny quirks that suggest that Dr. Yorvlad may not be quite respectable after all. One might notice that the ginger of his slightly disheveled beard and mustache is occasionally crusted with tiny flecks of dried-up blood. Or one might observe the sinister quality of his smile as he makes subtle references to cutting things open. The more observant might catch the flash of glee in his pale blue eyes whenever a patient comes in, and he pronounces them to be "in great need for surgery."


Dr. Yorvlad mainly keeps to himself in the pristine makeshift "operating room" where his many sinister-looking tools are kept. However, the sight of him on the top deck socializing with people is ominous as it is likely to be followed by an accident or an injury - perhaps an attack from another pirate ship is impending, or perhaps someone will just happen to fall off the crow's nest. It is almost as if he has the ability to sniff blood in the air before it is even spilled.

There is no doubt that he is an exceptional doctor, though. Nearly all of his patients do recover, although they often suspect that a lot of pulling and cutting here and there may have been unnecessary.

Dr. Yorvlad's strength is in his scalpels and forceps and saws. He is in his element whenever there is a leg that needs to be amputated, or a broken bone that needs setting, especially when it is accompanied by a terrified-looking face. His only known weakness is rum.

When he has no 'unnecessary" body parts to chop off, Dr. Yorvlad likes to create intricate sculptures using animal bones, no less.

His easy charm makes him popular with young ladies and gentleman in the big cities. He occasionally manages a good-looking individual into his lair. They seem quite happy about it, too. But one must admit that they never are quite the same afterwards.

Early life

Dr. Yorvlad hails from the Slavic Imperium. He tends to avoid his fellow Slavs, suggesting that he may not have been popular in his home land. Any of his old patients can plainly see why.


The only family member that Dr. Yorvlad ever mentions is his dearly beloved brother, Isaac.

Character Story

When Dr. Yorvlad flees the Zepper in a small clockwork fighter, he lands on the deck of the Steamhawke. He is taken prisoner, because the crew doesn't know what to do with him [2]. They are definitely interested in his machine.

Dr. Yorvlad seems to later have left the ship in Seaport.


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