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Character Biography
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Iride Coriolix

Full name: Iride Coriolix

Age: 31

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: first mate (never officially in function)

Height: 189 cm

Body type: lithe

Hair colour: red

Eye colour: green

Iride Coriolix is a player-created character, now inactive.[1]


Physical Appearance

Iride Coriolix is a lithe figure, with a figure that was earned as an Outfitters Best Boy, hauling coal one minute and assisting carpenters the next, with extremely long days and only the end of the day meal to eat. He wears his elbow length red hair loose, and is pale of complexion, but without freckles. He wears many scarves and trinkets given to him by his former masters and comrades.


Iride is a confident and resourceful ally, a sane and encouraging resource of advice. He is methodical and unrelenting in discipline and punishment, and exerts himself to his utmost to ensure that the ship and its manpower are as the Captain could ever possibly require. He has little patience and tolerance for situations where logic appears to have been overlooked. He would sooner exert force, and apologize later to any injured parties.

Iride worries that too many privateers have been seduced into “treasure quests”, completely overlooking the serious trade and political issues.

Skills & Abilities

Iride is an accomplished swordsman, but favors the long truncheon. His logic is strong, and he understands the workings of common ship designs. He has many contacts in ports worldwide that were established during his time among the Outfitters guild. He has established political contacts in many of these ports, and for former masters, he has managed to negotiate where combat might once have been the only option. These contacts are a powerful resource, but take a lot of maintenance and can at times be a drain and a distraction.

Iride plays the Tuschity, a four-stringed lute with a dozen sympathetic strings that thrum and sing while he picks and sliges melodies along the fretless steel neck.

Early Life

The Coriolix family lost their significant fortune in the last wars; their assets and crafts were seized by the monarchy. The advent of sky ship design meant that their conventional sea-borne crafts were destroyed, and after the war there were no crafts to be returned to them. Compensation was negligible. This, coupled with the change in global trade due to the rise of trade unions in the Old West, transforming the flow of previously monarchy-run trade golds, meant that the Coriolix family has capitulated by positioning themselves alongside powerful traders and politicians in the hope that one day they might be able to regain something of their previous status.

Iride has tirelessly pursued a life aboard ship but followed his grandfather’s advice by seeking out a long tenure amongst the trade leaders and the administrations of prominent political figures. He has chosen to side with privateers at the moment, because he sees the ability to avoid binding political ties as the best position to have.

He is very highly educated, and something of a commoner-gent. He would easily blend in amongst the nobles of any land, but does not have the coin.

Character Story

Iride Coriolix is captured when Jack Stallion and the crew of the Sky Tiger attack the ship on which Iride is aboard. Jack imprisons Iride in the Sky Tiger’s brig. [2]. He is rescued when the some of the crew of the Steamhawke board the Sky Tiger. [3]

Presumably, he accompanies the Steamhawke to Seaport, where he disappears.


The Coriolix patriarch is Acscendico, Iride’s grandfather, a widower. Iride’s parents are Cumulo and Cirra, who all but own the largest Outfitting operation in all of Brittania. His older brothers, Lucidus and Opacus are both politicians in the Old West and the Slavic Imperium respectively.


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