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Character Biography
Faizel dae.png
Sketch of Faizel, by Daenelia

Full name: Faizel Naji

Age: 28

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: First Mate (formerly boatswain)

Height: 1.71 m (5’6”)

Body type: lean

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: hazel

Faizel Naji is a character created by Daenelia as an NPC.[1]


Physical Appearance

Faizel has short frizzy hair, which he always keeps cut short, and mocha colored skin. He is clean-shaven, except for a wispy thin moustache. He’s rather lean, with wiry muscles, and is missing the third and pinky fingers of his left hand. Typically Faizel wears a knitted sweater, unless it is really warm. He wears three-quarter length trousers, black and white striped, sturdy leather shoes, and earrings.


Faizel is a deceptively simple man. When dealing with problems, he solves them using common sense, rather than over-thinking and stalling to deal with it. He is resolute, and when he has decided to do something, he does it straight away, no matter how much he loathes doing it. He rarely seems to laugh or enjoy himself; his greatest enjoyment is in doing his job and in the bonds of camaraderie with his crew mates. He is not afraid of anything, and is stubborn. His stubbornness is probably due to not knowing real fear.

He actually likes sketching landscapes a lot, but he has never shown anyone his drawings. Other than his work, there are no things that interest him lots.

Skills & Abilities

Faizel can read and write and do simple sums. He is capable of doing small repairs around the ship, can cook and make alcoholic drinks, can sharpen blades, and can fix and clean firearms. He is charismatic enough to inspire people to do as he suggests. If that fails, he can back his words up with punches. He is never without a knife or some paper and a pencil.

Early Life

Faizel Naji was born in Elladia, though he is not Elladian. His family is originally from another land, but has been migrating to other countries for so long that no one knows for sure where they came from. Faizel’s mother and father still live in Elladia, but he has not seen them for ten years. He ran away from home after being falsely accused of rape. He preferred to take his chance in the world of pirates and thieves than to rot in jail.

Since then, he has been associated with thieves, pirate ships, and illegal activities. He feels he owes the world nothing, because nothing ever came easy for him.

Character Story

Faizel was originally hired as the ship's boatswain.[2] He contacts Azzo Weisse in Seaport and offers him a job on board the Steamhawke [3]. He also recruits Every Saint Claire[4] and Orsola Padovano[5] in Kanesville. He often finds himself doing much of the captain’s dirty work, such as disposing of Kevin Price’s body[6] and, along with Herring Finn, interrogating Doctor Ivan Yorvlad.[7]

In Kanesville, he accompanies some of the other crewmembers to Hulda’s Vaudeville Revue[8], but doesn't seem to enjoy it much, and teaches Erm how to make liquor.[9]

Faizel becomes the First Mate after Maraea Morgan leaves the crew.[10]


Faizel’s mother, father, and two younger brothers are still alive.


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