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Character Biography
Erm dae.png
Sketch of Erm, by Daenelia

Full name: Sedrick von Brightlight, aka Erm

Age: 16

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: apprentice engineer

Height: 5’4”

Body type:

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: brown

Erm is a NPC. [1]. Erm may not be his real name, as Brem gave him this name when the boy failed to give his name quickly enough. [2]


Physical Appearance

Erm is of average height and below average weight. No muscle whatsoever can be seen on his body.


Erm is a very impressionable young man.

Skills & Abilities

Erm is the sort of person to try very very hard but will also fail at everything he does in a spectacular way. He will always knock something over or put something in the wrong place at the exact wrong time. His biggest weakness is himself, not being able to know where things are around him.

He does try hard though so if he manages to do something right it is spectacular.

Early Life

Of Erm’s early life not much is known to the crew. He never talks about leaving home, or his family to anyone. His father and brother do not know where he is, after Erm, whose real name is Sedrick, left as a young boy to lead a trade expedition. After losing his father's money and goods, Sedrick ran away in shame. He found temporary shelter in another town, where he accidentally killed another boy. To escape persecution he traveled to the coast to board a ship. The ship took him to Seaport, where he was recognised from a wanted poster. Sedrick, or Rick, had to think fast and boarded the first sky ship that was setting sail: Steamhawke. [3]

Character Story

Under Brem de Berg's guidance Erm, as he became known on board Steamhawke, learned more about engineering thanm he ever dreamed possible [4] Aboard ship, he made connections quickly enough [5]. He was also helpful when Daenelia was combing through the Myposian Library looking for clues leading to the treasure of Quazlatah.[6]

Erm was often part of teams that left the ship to explore the unknown, such as the sky ship they encountered in the alchemical fog. [7]

But it wasn't until the Steamhawke was back in Seaport for repairs that Erm encountered his biggest challenge when he was brainwashed by the cult called The Church of the Machine.[8] Luckily Elias Ambrose was around when Erm tried to get closer to the Machine [9]. Elias talked Erm out of having body parts replaced by machine parts. He showed him the Way, a religious faith based on vision Elias had. Elias de-programmed Erm and delivered gim back to Daenelia[10] But it seemed that Erm still holds true to the Church of the Machine's beliefs. [11]

In the Old West, Erm's past seemed close to catching up with him, when he found a missing-boy poster in Harling Pass. [12]


Erm greatly looks up to Brem de Berg.


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