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Character Biography
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Edward Marketh, aka Ed

Full name: Edward Eliza Marketh II

Age: 20 (c.1830-1850)

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: handyman

Height: 5’6’

Body type: small

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: green

Edward Marketh is a original character, now deceased, played by Hyren.[1]


Physical Appearance

Ed is an extremely small man, both in frame and health. Because of his tendency to lock himself in his workshop for long periods of time -- and consequently forgetting to eat -- he’s rather underweight. Minor scars cover his arms from working with small sharp objects and explosives all his life as well as a few larger ones here and there. His face and clothes are more often then not covered in a layer of soot and dirt from all his machines.

Not much for flamboyance, Ed dresses simply, usually a brown vest over a white (though rarely clean white) shirt, grey or black pants, and brown boots. His eyes are often covered by goggles of some kind, and if not they're usually around his neck or forehead.


Ed is a child prodigy when it comes to clockwork, machines in general, and alchemy. Much of his time is spent fiddling with new ideas on these subjects, often combining them in unique ways. Perhaps because of his youth he is willing to test and explore ideas many older engineers dismiss outright. As a result he often comes up with extremely unique inventions, but at the same time has a high failure rate on his more unfeasible or dangerous ideas. While his skill with invention is doubtless, Ed has put it before almost everything. As a result his interpersonal skills are lackluster and often has difficulty making real relationships with others. While he's not a robot, it's often difficult for him to open up beyond anything superficial.

Ed can often be quite eccentric at times, as well as prone to sudden bouts of inspiration that cause him to shut himself in a workshop for up to days as he works fervently on a specific project. Despite his genius with weapons, Ed is effectively useless in actual combat. While he's fully capable of operating all of his contraptions and teaching others to do so his lack of practical combat experience and any study in doing so ensures him a sideline support/supply role rather than an actual combatant.

Outside of tinkering, Ed has a great fondness of housecats. He brings his adopted cat, Copper, with him often. Copper is a cream medium haired cat with a clockwork left hind leg. Ed will go to great lengths, including putting himself in danger, to keep him safe.

Skills & Abilities

Though skilled with many types of machinery and alchemical concoctions his area of expertise is weaponry. Whether it's a cannon that shoots lightning or a self reloading clockwork rifle, Ed always has a plan for blowing another ship out of the sky.

Early Life

Though born to a moderately well off Brittanian family, Ed never lived up to their standards. Far more concerned with practical studies than politics or economics his family relationship was always strained. A breaking point was reached when Ed was 15, when he, without his father's permission, took an apprenticeship in a lower class workshop. Enraged that his son was dirtying his hands with peasant work Ed's father cut him off, and effectively disowned him.

Afterwards, Ed jumped from workshop to workshop, picking up skills at an alarmingly fast rate. After five years of various apprenticeships -- not all of which ended amicably- Ed signed up with a skyship to put his skills to a more practical application.

Character Story

Edward (and his cat, Copper) are introduced when the captain discovers that in addition to doing handiwork, he also experiments with weapons. He tells Daenelia that he is creating a gun that shoots lightning, and has already created a cannon using the same principle. Intrigued, Daenelia orders him to report to Master Gunner Julian Salazar about the possibility of modifying more of the ship’s weapons. [2] Ed shows Salazar his alchemical lightning rifle and gives a demonstration. Salazar is impressed. [3] Later, Ed and Nicholai Doran discuss the philosophy of creating weapons. Ed’s stance is that people are going to kill each other, whether he created the weapon they used or not. [4]

Ed and chief engineer Brem de Berg have a disagreement concerning parts from a clockwork fighter that wrecked on the Steamhawke’s deck. Ed wants the parts for his projects, while Brem wants them to fix up the engines some. Brem allows Ed to keep the gun from the fighter. [5]

When the Steamhawke arrives in Elladia, Ed sets up shop in a seedy tavern. A band of ruffians burst in; initally, Ed does not notice them. They announce that they are looking for someone, and start shooting in Ed’s direction. It becomes clear that Ed is the intended target. Ed uses his lightning gun to fend off his attackers, and warns them that there is more where that comes from. However, the lead gunman laughs it off, telling Ed that their boss is on her way. A tiny woman appears, and everything falls into place for Ed. Ed fires a shot at the woman, but the lightning beam veers widely away from the woman just before it hits her. Ed manages to escape using a makeshift firebomb, setting the tavern ablaze. The flames do not even touch the woman. [6]

Back on the Steamhawke, Ed takes refuge in his closet. Nicholai brings Ed some dinner, and Ed tells Nick about his predicament; the woman, Elizabeth, is employed by his father to kill him. [7] Ed decides to tell the Captain as well, and warns her not to go after Elizabeth because it would just get people killed. He contemplates the idea of creating a weapon to defeat her. [8]

When the Steamhawke travels through the alchemical fog, Ed apparently misses this entirely. [9]

After the battle with the Sky Tiger and the ship docks in Seaport, Ed goes shopping with Daenelia and Mei-Xiu. Elizabeth -- who we learn is Ed’s sister -- shows up and goes immediately on the offensive. Dae, Mei-Xiu, and Mei-Xiu’s new pet monkey Kichi use various weapons on Elizabeth, but they bounce off. They target Elizabeth’s men instead. A shootout ensues, and Ed asks Dae and Mei to keep Elizabeth busy while he readies an object he’d been tinkering with as they walked. Ed tosses the box at Elizabeth and it hits her chest. The box explodes in a flash of light and Ed, Mei, and Dae escape. [10]

Sometime later, Ed meets Elizabeth at the docks. Ed asks Elizabeth why their father wants him dead. Elizabeth tells him that the weapons he created were a stain on the family name. Ed says that Elizabeth’s work as an assassin is just as wrong, but Elizabeth counters that she works for their father and that most people would not know to make the connection. Elizabeth, for her part, wants to know how Ed’s box was able to hit her; it turns out that Ed was the one created Elizabeth’s shield and weapon -- Elizabeth is gifted with weak inborn alchemy; the shield and gun amplify her natural field. Elizabeth asks for a hug for old times sake; Ed, knowing that this is the end, complies. Elizabeth gives Ed a mortal wound to the liver -- but is shocked to find that he has given her the exact same wound. Ed’s final thought is of concern for Copper’s welfare. They both die. [11]

Rosita Martinez helps the Captain give Ed a small funeral. [12]


Disowned by his actual family, Ed’s only real friend was his cat, Copper. On board the Steamhawke, Edward spent most of his time holed up in his workshop with Copper and his projects, though he did converse with Nicholai Doran a few times.


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