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Character Biography
Dottie dae.png
Dorothea O’Toole, aka Dottie, by Daenelia

Full name: Dorothea O’Toole

Age: 24 (b. circa 1826)

Gender: female

Species: human

Position: deckhand

Height: 5’4”

Body type: fit

Hair colour: dirty blonde

Eye colour: blue

Dorothea “Dottie” O’Toole is an NPC. [1].


Physical Appearance

Dottie by Tals
Despite her long blonde hair and blue eyes, Dottie does nothing to emphasize her feminine features and dresses purely functionally. She keeps everything strapped up tight and wears tough knee-high boots. Dottie is fit due to spending the last decade aboard pirate ships.


Dottie is hot-headed, cocky, and has little regard for authority. She would only follow the orders of someone she respected. Excitement is the reward that Dottie craves; she has little use for material goods because she wants nothing to tie her down.

When it comes to partying Dottie refuses to be outdone by the men around her, and has a tendency to hit the drink hard and chain-smoke cigars. She’s also an avid gambler, and seems to get the blame every time a fight breaks out.

Skills & Abilities

Dottie is sure of her physical abilities. She is athletic and acrobatic and loves to get into a good swordfight. In contrast, she dislikes guns and finds that she has no use for them. Dottie has always been able to throw a knife more accurately than she can shoot a bullet. However, Dottie is clumsy and quickly gets impatient with physically complicated tasks.

Early Life

Dorothea "Dottie" O'Toole is an orphan who was mere hours old when discovered at the doorstep of a rich family in central Londinium. The O'Tooles raised Dottie as their own. Although she was lucky to be part of a well-off family, she had a sheltered childhood and as soon as puberty kicked in she rebelled massively. Family strife intensified after she discovered her fondness of fighting at age thirteen, when her brother's friend kicked her dog [2]. She felt no real connection to her family and wasn't surprised when during a heated argument her adopted father blurted out the truth that she wasn't their real daughter. Determined to seek out a more rewarding life, Dottie left home at fourteen [3], and became involved in piracy soon after.

Character Story

In Seaport, Dottie was recruited as a simple deckhand, hired to do menial jobs on board Steamhawke. Captain Daenelia Bradley made her First Mate for no particular reason, when the ship sailed to the east [4]. Dottie was later replaced by a newly hired First Mate, who subsequently disappeared. Dottie also admitted to not being able to read, though she may wish to learn someday. A fighter at heart, her best abilities are throwing knives [5] and swords [6]. She does claim to be good with numbers and guns [7], though she admits she doesn't like that latter [8]. Despite this, she is still ambitious and has plans to join the War Dogs [9]. Because of her feelings of failure as the First Mate and her difficulties with learning she feels unworthy to try and become more than a deckhand [10]. She has recently tried to overcome this by volunteering on a search mission [11] after discovering the death of her father [12].

Dottie is often plays card games and is very successful at them, proving her luck, bluffing skills and her claim to being good with numbers [13]. She has fondness of cigars [14] and alcohol [15], though Nate worries she maybe spiraling into addiction [16].


Dottie was Daenelia Bradley's acting First Mate for a short while. In that role she was close to her captain, but never managed to gain her full trust and friendship. Still, Dottie feels connected to her even if the captain doesn't feel the same [17].

One afternoon, Dottie fenced with Brem de Berg [18], which lead to a strained, but interesting relationship between the two crew mates.

She also is close friends with Nate Winters and Herring Finn. They joined Steamhawke at the same time [19]. She is not beyond trying to make friends, but her direct nature is something people need to get used to. For Akito Himuro it took even more, but Dottie did convince him to have a drink with her [20].

When Nate asks her to find out about a possible affair between Chago Moreno and Melisande de La Trémoille, she feels threatened by Melissande's probing return questions. Her prickly and insulting manner hides her feelings of inadequacy, especially when faced with such an accomplished fighter as Melisande has proven to be [21]. Melisande did not seem to particularly dislike Dottie, even after being shouted at.


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