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Sketch of Copper, by Daenelia

Copper is the ship's cat. He is 3 years old and has a prosthetic clockwork left hind leg. He has a cream coat and yellow eyes. He is fairly independent, as many cats are. Copper doesn't particularly like people. It takes a lot for anyone to earn his trust, but at the same time he is perfectly content to adopt a "live and let live" approach to most everyone. Copper came on board with his caretaker Edward Marketh, the handyman of the Steamhawke [1].

Copper's main duty as Ship's pet is to keep the ship rat-free.

Early Life

Born to a pair of alley cats in Brittania Copper had a chance meeting with Edward when he unwittingly wandered into a clockwork engine and lost his leg. Taking pity on the animal Edward adopted the kitten, nursing him back to health and fitting him with a hand crafted prosthetic. As the kitten grow older Ed would periodically upgrade the cat's leg to fit his increased size, and over time the two became the best of friends.

When the ship entered an alchemical fog near Elladia, Copper came to complain to the captain [2].

After Ed died, Copper stayed on the ship.


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