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Flying clockwork fighters

A Clockwork Fighter is an airplane propelled by a clockwork mechanism, which is wound up by a key system [1]. Clockwork fighters were first encountered when the Steamhawke chased a zepper. One clockwork fighter landed on deck and brough the doctor Ivan Yorvlad on board.

It was Edward Marketh who wanted to demolish the machine to salvage its parts. Brem's idea was to fix the machine so it could be used by the Steamhawke crew [2].

When Steamhawke was under attack from the Sky Tiger Doctor Yorvlad was trying to escape the battle using the clockwork fighter. The machine was still not functioning at that time [3]


An airplane is a small experimental craft that flies in the air [4]. It is run using a combination of clockwork and steam using a small amount of dextrocite infused coal, though smaller crafts are typically run only by clockwork. To turn it on, it must be wound using a key like a music box. Highly dangerous because of its unpredictability without adding user error, only the most brave or foolhardy get on one. These machines are commonly built by the rich looking for adventure as they are too slow and hazardous for the military to take interest. They typically only carry one or two people.


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