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Character Biography
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Full name: Ciprian Cravan Cendrars

Age: 33

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: Passenger of the Steamhawke

Height: 5'8"

Body type: normal to muscled

Hair colour: Light Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Ciprian Cendrars is a player created character who is no longer active. [1]


Physical Description

Of average height, Ciprian is lean for his size, with something of the flushed complexion and gaunt look of a man who drinks to much and eats too little. His hair, while short, is frequently unkempt, in contrast to immaculately trimmed goatee that, along with a pair of spectacles and sharp nose, lend character to his face. His clothing blends the stylish dandy and the outré Bohemian - expensive and wild but in shabby condition. Ciprian sports extensive tattoos on his chest, back and upper arms.


Ciprian is a lively bon vivant drawn to the novel, the exciting, the unconvential and just plain weird. His enthusiasm tends to be contagious and he makes friends easily. His gregarious, pleasure-seeking demeanor conceal a keen, perceptive mind and voracious appetite for learning. Ciprian's temperament is mercurial, however, and his extroverted enthusiasm alternates with periods of melancholy and introspection.

Ciprian's enthusiasm, sociability and wit make him a welcome, if unconventionial, addition to almost any social event. This, combined with his language skills, mean that Ciprian is capable of getting along with almost anyone for at least a night. Whether written or verbally, he communicates well and is an entertaining storyteller. A stong mind and solid education are also assets, all the more so because they are not always readily apparent. Moody fits of depression are his most potent liability, often thwarting him on the verge of some great triumph. There is also no doubt that he drinks too much and parties too often - he usually manages to keep it under control, but not always.

Skills and abilities

Ciprian is a writer, and has a firm grasp of languages. He is a fast talker, who gets by on his wits rather than by using force or weapons. His interests lie more along the lines of Literature, art, meeting new people, alcohol, and carousing.

Early life

Ciprian hails from the Second Gaulish Republic, neighbouring country to the Merovingian Kingdom and is a resident of the Commune of Montmartre, a semi-autonomous community of artists, writers, revolutionaries and Bohemians located within the Gaulish capital city. A good, though not brilliant writer, he ekes out a modest living as a journalist, along with the occasional poem, short story or review. Most of his income, however, is squandered on drink, carousing and clothing. Growing jaded, even in Montmartre, and seeking the opportunity that will make his name, Ciprian has convinced a contact at the newspaper Montmartre du Monde to accept a series of travellogues/dispatches from him as he travels the world.


Henri, father: stuffy merchant banker who disapproves of his son's unconventional lifestyle and career.

Marie, mother: deceased

Henri Jr, elder brother: works in the family firm. He has always had great affection for his younger brother and, while not understanding Ciprian's choices, tries to be supportive. It is largely due to Henri Jr's influence that Ciprian has not been formally disowned.

Madeline, younger sister: if anything, Madeline's distaste for her brother is even greater than her fathers's, viewing Ciprian as a major social embarrassment and reacting to even the mere mention of his name with visible disgust.

Character Story

While on the hunt for stories to send back to his newspaper, Ciprian finds himself buying cheap passage on an Anatolian ship. The crew rob him of what valuables he has left and set him adrift near an alchemical fog patch. Here, Ciprian discovers a derelict sky ship, the Amethyst[2]. He is facing starvation at the very least, when Steamhawke enters the fog while escaping the Elladian navy. Steamhawke rescues Ciprian, and he manages to convince Daenelia Bradley to allow him passage on the ship [3]. This is after Ciprian has proved his worth when he accompanied Wren Tamryl, Ivan Petrov, Erm and Lorelei Loewe on the exploration of the Amethyst [4].

Daenelia had sent the team over, hoping to find more clues to the fabled Treasure of Quazlatah. Instead, the crew find an undead pirate, presumed to be Purple Pete, brother of Blue Barry the pirate who collected the treasure [5]. Blue Barry robbed his brother of the treasure and left him to die in the fog. Something must have happened for the corpse to be animated, which scared the team so much, that they fled the ship with nothing of interest.

Later, Ciprian assists in the fight between the Sky Tiger and the Steamhawke. Not a fighting man, Ciprian helps out with freeing a prisoner, Iride Coriolix, and watching his crewmates' backs [6].

After Steamhawke returns to Seaport, Ciprian disappears. It is assumed he found his way back home, or quite possibly, went on to have many more adventures, soon to be published in a series of novellas.


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