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Desperate Times

The Steamhawke barely survives the battle with Jack Stallion's sky ship Sky Tiger. The ship finds its way to Seaport to pick up new crew, and to do necessary repairs. Daenelia Bradley heads straight to Barnacle's Bar, and finds an old friend waiting for her: Elias Ambrose. He offers to loan her a sum to carry out repairs. Theristis Hill leaves the ship after some distressing news. He leaves the recipe for the fog bomb with the Captain. Daenelia picks up another passenger, an aristocratic Kitling called Claw Rakefield. He spends most of the time on board in his room. The Captain is also fortunate in hiring a new gunner, Rhiannon Poer.

The crew quickly get drawn into Seaport's power struggle between Nigel Bonney and Rosita Martinez. Bonney has styled himself as Seaport's Governor over the past few years. Rosita opposes his rule over the large island. She, like some of the island's business owners, refuse to pay protection money, which is a bribe to keep the Governor's Men from closing down their businesses.

When Mei-Xiu, Daenelia and Ed step off the ship to explore the town, Ed is finally found by his sister, who has been chasing him for so long. Ed meets his sister again, and he feels forced to take her life, even if it means taking his own as well. Ed dies.

Erm, the apprentice engineer, is taken in by a cult, the Church of the Machine. When Elias finds him trying to replace body parts with machinery, the man takes him under his wings to teach him The Way. But the Church of the Machine finds the Steamhawke and try to convince as many people as possible of the righteousness of their beliefs.

Daenelia has to replace a lot of crew, who have either died in the sky battle or ran away as soon as Steamhawke landed in Seaport. She soon finds Jack, a clever man who enjoys tinkering with machines and weapons. There are also a new cabin girl, lookout, more passengers and one or two suspicious characters. Luckily the doctor Ivan Yorvlad seems to have fled the ship, and Daenelia hires a new doctor.

In the end it comes down to a confrontation with the Governor, where Daenelia allows her crew to run wild in the large mansion. She runs into the rooms that are his office to find the Governor dead on the floor. Both Rosita and Aurelia assume that Daenelia killed him. But it was actually the man pretending to be a Jackal, called Valentine, who killed him. Rosita tells Daenelia that she is no longer welcome in Seaport.

At the end of the chapter, the ship and its crew set off to the Old West.

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