Chapter 5 summary

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Into the Fire

As the Steamhawke emerges from the alchemical fog, the pirates slowly come to their senses. The first thing they notice is a Nautikos sky ship heading straight for them. A dying guardsman is flung unto the Steamhawke's deck and manages to name their attacker: Jack Stallion. Daenelia orders the ship to prepare for battle. Jack Stallion's ship, the Sky Tiger, turns out to be a modified ship, with armour. Though this protects the ship from cannon fire, it also makes the ship heavy and difficult to steer. Ashrieda and Brem come up with theories of secondary engines, which sparks ideas of how to win the battle. As the battle commences, Daenelia orders her War Dogs to enter the enemy ship. Carol, together with Ciprian. Mei-Xiu and others, make ready to take the fight to the Sky Tiger. Unbeknownst to Daenelia and the crew, they already have an accomplis on board the ship: Iride Coriolix had been captured by Stallion after his ship surrendered to the Sky Tiger some time before. Stallion had hoped to convince Iride to join his crew, but so far Iride has resisted. When Carol takes her pirates to the Sky Tiger, they become trapped in the belly of the ship, It is there thay they find the hapless prisoner, who decides to join them. Iride figures his chances are better with the invaders.

Meanwhile, the Sky Tiger crew is also boarding the Steamhawke and a fight on deck ensues. In the midst of the chaos, Ashrieda and Wren sneak out in a clockwork motorboat to board the Sky Tiger and set explosives around the engines. Before they get a chance to do so, they are mistaken for Sky Tiger engineers and sent straight to the engine room, which is as lucky a break as they could get. As they try to escape the ship before it blows up, they meet Carol and her team. Cirpian notes that the Sky Tiger is moving alongside the Steamhawke.

As the Sky Tiger moves closer, her crew pours onto the deck of the Steamhawke. Julian Robinson is the first casualty as Jack Stallion starts his rampage to get to his ex-lover Daenelia. Jack is after the map Daenelia has. He may be more interested in killing her than he is in finding treasure. On both ships the battle rages on. The Steamhawke crew finds a way to get off the Sky Tiger minutes before she blows up. When their Captain falls and their ship is destroyed, the crew of the Sky Tiger realises they are on the losing team and surrender. After an intense fight, Daenelia finds a way to get the upper hand, and cuts off Jack's hand. Daenelia has Jack tossed over the side of the ship. The Steamhawke is in need of repairs.

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