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Mypos or Bust

The Steamhawke docks at Mypos, one of the smaller islands in Elladia. Daenelia is still recruiting and finds a helmsman, in the shape of Isaak Alkaev. She also hires a Ngafr musician, called Lleryn Aderyn. Later on, she even hires a new First Mate, the well-known sky pirate Aeolus Quetzalcoatl.

Edward Marketh goes ashore and finds himself to be the target of an assassin. He reveals to the cook that it is his father who wants him dead. Afterwards he tells Daenelia that he is planning on leaving the ship, because he fears he'll be killed. The captain tells him she doesn't leave people behind to die, and prompts him to create a weapon to kill his would-be assassin. Ed has an idea, but asks Daenelia not to interfere just yet.

Kristos Kuntos meets with Daenelia, hoping to seduce her once more, as he did many years ago. Daenelia is only after books and information that can be found in Kristos' library. With Brem, Erm, Mister Hill and Greyfeathre Romney she gathers information that points to an alchemical fog north of the island. This is where a ship commanded by two brother pirates were headed, and yet another clue to the Lost Treasure of Quazlatah. Mister Hill advises Daenelia to go north.

Lleryn meets with Ashrieda, as they are trying to find the place where the ship is parked.

The Master Gunner Julian Salazar meets an interesting young lady during a bar brawl. He introduces her to Daenelia, who promptly hires her as a gunner.

Laudine and Nicholai make ready to go ashore together, with Laudine dressing up as a boy to attract less attention.

Kanya Ashand wakes up half-recovered from her injury, which she sustained during the zepper chase. She rcovers well enough, despite Doctor Ivan Yorvlad's care.

Brem also leaves the ship to find some much needed engine parts. Het gets involved in his own little adventure and is captured. Akito Himuro goes in search of his boss, Brem. He gets help from Aeolus and Daenelia, and together they defeat the group of men who were holding Brem prisoner.

On Mypos, Daenelia finds a new home for former stowaway Nasrin. She leaves the young girl with an old friend and her son.

But it is Herring Finn who gets into the most trouble when he is arrested and thrown in jail. Relations between the Myposians and Elphins are tense as it is, and an unknown elphin roaming about stood out like a sore thumb. Luckily, a new elphin engineer Valmier Blackbar helps with some information about where prisoners are kept, and he advises her to try and free Herring. A daring rescue is planned, with Caroline Summers in charge. They manage to free Herring, but realise they must set sail before the autorities arrest them as well.

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