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The Map says: 'Go Here'

The Steamhawke is still lacking a first mate, so Daenelia makes the brilliant decision to appoint Dottie O'Toole as her First Mate. All Dottie knows about the job is that it comes with private quarters. However, when Daenelia discovers a stowaway, who appears to be a clockwork enhanced girl, she makes Dottie give up her room to the fragile girl.

Meanwhile, Fern Farley discovers that Daenelia's treasure map is two halves of two different maps. One location is in Elladia to the East, and another is in the Old West. Unbeknownst to Daenelia, Jack Stallion has part of the map she is looking for. The former lovers are both trying to track down the Lost Treasure of Quazlatah.

The passenger Theristis Hill has a task that makes him useful, creating bombs. Daenelia hopes that having such a device will give her an edge in sky combat with other pirate ships. Theristis is also fascinated by the Tainted, and offers the cook Nicholai Doran his help in trying to cure the taint.

After Brem spots a Zepper, Daenelia orders to give it chase. The Zepper gets away, but a clockwork fighter lands on the Steamhawke and out steps a a runaway doctor, Ivan Yorvlad. Kanya is shot, and lies bleeding on the deck. Yorvlad offers his assistance. He is not the most gentle doctor.

In the belly of the ship, handyman Edward Marketh has locked himself up to invent new things. His practical approach leads to a hole in the side of the ship. But as he is the handyman, he can also fix that himself.

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