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The Sea and the Port

The Steamhawke lands in Seaport with just two crewmembers: Daenelia Bradley and McGinty. Daenelia Bradley calls herself the captain of the Steamhawke and sets out to find a crew to sail her back into the sky.

Laudine Fortescue is the first new addition to the crew, as a cabin girl. Laudine has her reasons to run away from home. Brem de Berg is hired as chief engineer, and Kanya Ashand convinces the Captain to hire her as a shipwright. Daenelia is worried when Nicholai Doran musters as cook. As a Tainted, Nick seems to be an intimidating person and Daenelia is worried about what his presence will do to the rest of the crew.

Kanya soon suggests replacing the sails, to make the ship faster at air travel. While getting the ship ready to take off, Daenelia meets her new navigator in a mapmaker's shop, Fern Farley. No pirate ship should leave port without some means of attack and defence. Luckily for the captain, Ashrieda Sjaarda steps on board as the tactician. When Theristis Hill learns that the sky ship is about to leave, he buys passage on the Steamhawke. As a last addition to the crew, a young Kitling is hired as the ship's Lookout. Daenelia mainly hired her because she was reminded of her old lookout, who was also a Kitling.

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