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Sketch of Bridget, by Daenelia
Basic Biography

Full name: Bridget Perry

Age: 18 years

Gender: female

Species: human

Bridget is a passenger npc on board Steamhawke [1]. She came on board with her husband, Remington Perry the Third, under the impression they had booked a 'pirate themed' voyage [2]. Bridget is the daughter of a rich Brittish merchant who recently married her into the Perry family.


Bridget is petite, never seen without glamorous clothing and never heard without a constant high-pitched giggle after every sentence. Bridget lost her right leg in a horse-riding accident. When she received a gold-embellished brass prosthetic, all of Bridget's friends wanted to lose limbs as well.

Character story

Bridget is an easily impressed girl who finds everything absolutely amazing. But when her prosthetic leg was stolen, she was inconsolable [3]. Remington provided her with a new leg, made of wood [4].

After arriving in Harling Pass, she and her husband witnessed the brutal killing of a Tainted [5].


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