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Character Biography
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Full name: Azzo Weisse

Age: 29

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: Deckhand of the Steamhawke

Height: short

Body type: normal to muscled

Hair colour: Dark Blonde/Light Brown

Eye colour: Blue

Azzo Weisse is a player created original character.


Physical Description

Azzo Weisse is slightly shorter than the average man, with narrow shoulders and a trim frame covered by compact muscles. Meals have never been of great importance to Azzo. He will eat anything put in front of him, in whatever quantity and not complain. The important thing for him is that his body be able to do whatever he asks of it, and in the last ten years its been asked to do quite a lot.

Training, skirmishes and living rough on the frontier have left him with a myriad of small and large scars on his hands, arms, legs and feet. His skin is tanned for a Northerner, but still fair compared to the leathery complexion that many seafarers develop. At 29, the first wrinkles have begun to creep in at the edges of his mouth and the corners of his eyes.

His right forearm bears a tattoo the size of his hand signalling his completion of Prussian military service.

Dress and Gear: His dress is unexceptional. He wears sturdy, cheap clothes that he keeps washed and mended when he can. Much of his clothing, such as his boots and his coat, is left over from his time in the military.

Early life/History prior to joining the Steamhawke

Azzo was born on Insel Poel, a small island in the northern part of the Kingdom of Prussia. [1]

The eldest son in a large farming family, Azzo spent his early years working in the fields, tending to the animals, and helping to care for his younger siblings. He attended school haphazardly, attending when the demands of home permitted it and leaving when there were more mouths to feed than hands to feed them. At sixteen, he enlisted in the military, signing a contract for ten years service. Picked out as both literate and intelligent, he was first placed in an officer's training school, but after a year during which he showed no aptitude or interest for leadership he was transferred to running patrols along the border with the Slavic Imperium.

For four years, the patrols were an almost pro forma affair. Villages were glad for the added security, and the occasional gang of bandits Azzo's unit was sent after were typically poorly armed and easily brought to justice. Most the the unit's time was spent helping villages dig wells, rebuild walls, and bring in the harvest.

As time whet on, however, rumors began to spread about unrest in the Slavic Imperium. The bandits, once mostly the wild younger sons of local farmers or men who had lost everything, were increasingly desperate looking Slavic men from across the border. Often, Azzo's company found themselves embroiled in bitter, bloody skirmishes with Imperium troops that had encroached on Prussian land. The governmental position as always that these were free agents operating outside the sanction of their government, but the border patrols and the villagers knew differently.

After five years of mud, blood, and cold nights, Azzo finished his contract with the army. The hefty sum he received on leaving he sent home to his brothers, keeping just enough to catch the first ship to Britannia. There he spent two years as a hired guard for a merchant vessel before the merchant lost his fortune in a bad prospecting deal in the Old West and Azzo found himself out of a job.



Azzo is the oldest in a family of eleven siblings: six boys and five girls. They are, in order from oldest to youngest:

Azzo (29) Hanne Gabé (28) Ulrich (27) Engel (25) Suse and Marlis (23) Steig (20) Tillo (18) Rebekka (15) Nicklaus (13) Hilde (12)


John Weaver: is Azzo's closest friend and is his former kip-mate during his time in the army. Azzo has not seen John since John deserted four months before Azzo's term of service was up, but Azzo has been making inquiries about him wherever he goes. [2]

Rosita Martinez: has also developed a friendly relationship with Azzo, who she rented a room to in return for his work with the Sons. He's also been shown to be on friendly terms with both Leon and Tomas, the oldest and youngest of Rosita's four sons. [3]

Romantic Relationships Azzo has as of yet been tight lipped about the subject.

Enemies Azzo dislikes Caroline Summers who he views as a bully and a danger to the crew. [4]

Character story

After leaving the Prussian army, Azzo travels first to Brittania, then to Lekly, then to the Old West, finding work as a mercenary where he can [5]. He arrives in Seaport several months before the beginning of Chapter 6 and finds room and board in exchange for helping Rosita's Sons. Facing dead ends into his inquiries about the locations of John Weaver and his sister Hanne and mounting threats of violence from the Governor's Men, Azzo accepts a job offer from the Steamhawke's boatswain, Faizel Naji, hoping to leave the mercenary life behind. [6]

While preparing for his departure from Seaport, Azzo is set upon by thugs. [7]. He manages to fight them off and, dazed, stumbles into a neaby teahouse where he meets the mysterious Kytreth Monelli. Kytreth reveals she has information as to the whereabouts of John and Hanne and gives it to Azzo, noting that while she has her reasons for helping him, they're not something she cares to share.

The morning after his meeting with Kytreth, Azzo wakes on board the Steamhawke and meets Ivan Petrov [8]. While the two of them are initially suspicious of one another given their nationalities, they bond over their shared background. Later that day, Azzo's attempts to settle into a quiet routine on board ship are interrupted by the appearance of Rosita's grandson Josep who announces that a fight has broken out at the bar. [9] Azzo joins the mad rush to the bar and once there, is sent by Tomas, one of Rosita's sons, to find and protect Josep. In the attempt he meets Mei-Xiu and Jack O'Leary. After dispatching the men searching for Josep, Azzo and Mei-Xiu shelter in a nearby church and discuss their pasts. [10]


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