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Character Biography
Ashrieda Sjaarda, illustrated by Fiona Marchbank

Full name: Ashrieda Rene Sjaarda

Age: 23 (b. 1827)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Position: Tactician

Height: 5'3"

Body type: Sturdy; muscular

Hair colour: Copper brown

Eye colour: Greenish brown

Ashrieda Sjaarda is an original character played by Tals. [1]


Physical Appearance

Ashrieda has caramel brown skin, almond-shaped hazel eyes, and a sturdy, muscular build. She is missing two of the fingers of her left hand, the cause of which she keeps vague (“Things blew up.”). She sometimes needs spectacles to see long distances and her teeth are not as straight as they ought to be, but she has been told that she would be pretty if she put forth the effort. Her hair is copper brown, very curly, and comes to the small of her back. She likes to keep it braided in some way, which keeps her from having to comb it on a daily basis. Her clothes are practical and utilitarian, but she has a secret liking for finer things.


Ashrieda’s bearing suggests that she learned class and social graces in her younger years, but this is not evident given her usual mannerisms; she tends to be obnoxious, argumentative, and obstinate, especially when she is intoxicated. When it comes to alcohol, she has very little self-control. She has an inclination to be insubordinate, which has gotten her into trouble on multiple occasions prior to joining the Steamhawke. She suffers from extreme paranoia and anxiety at times, particularly when on land. Despite all this, she is highly observant, and her intelligence shines through when it comes to piracy, and through the years she has become excellent at getting what she wants.

Skills & Abilities

Ashrieda’s expertise is in tactics, especially stealth, deception, and reconnaissance. She is an excellent marksman and owns and odd assortment of pistols. Thanks to her years aboard various sky ships, she has good knowledge of people and places. She is also good with her hands, and can tinker with anything to get it back in some semblance of working order.

Early Life

Ashrieda has been around sky ships all her life. She spent most of her early years running from the authorities on them with her father, a man of dubious occupation. When she was sixteen, he disappeared, leaving her to fend for herself. Left penniless, the only place she could find quality work was on various sky ships. Aboard the ships, she learned that the quickest way to make big money was through piracy, and she found that she was good at it. Her father left behind quite a few enemies, and often someone with a vendetta against him would confront her. Once they realized that she had no useful information concerning the man, she was usually left alone, by any means necessary.

Character Story

Ashrieda Sjaarda first meets Captain Daenelia Bradley in Seaport, in Barnacle's Bar. Needing to get out of town quickly and hearing that the captain is hiring crew members for her sky ship, the Steamhawke, Ashrieda offers her services as a tactician. [2] Her first job aboard the ship is to teachLaudine Fortescue, a young cabin girl, the art of using guns. [3] When the Steamhawke arrives in Elladia, she helps apprentice engineer Erm and Lleryn Aderyn, the new ngafr musician, get back to the ship. [4] She also meets newly hired helmsman Isaak Alkaev, who shows her the way to the Myposian marketplace. However, they are followed by what they later realize are spies who have identified them as troublemakers. [5]

The Steamhawke flies into a mysterious alchemical fog, which addles Ashrieda’s senses. [6] She goes with some of the crew on a mission to explore the fog, where they find Ivan Petrov, who joins the crew.[7] When they sail out of the fog, they almost immediately encounter the Sky Tiger. Ashrieda goes on a stealth mission with gadgeteer/War Dog Wren Tamyrl in order to plant an explosive on the engineering deck of the Sky Tiger.[8] Once aboard, they are mistaken for Sky Tiger engineers, which helps them successfully plant the explosive.[9] They almost get taken out by Steamhawke crew members who had boarded to attack the ship, but they are recognized just in time. [10]

After the battle, and to Ashrieda’s distaste, the Steamhawke has to stop in Seaport for repairs. She considers investigating the happenings in the city [11] but spends most of her time confined to the ship. Once repairs are done, and after setting off for the Old West, Ashrieda plots with Daenelia to steal passenger Bridget Perry’s prosthetic leg [12] and gets quizzed by Holland Jefferson about tactical things. [13]

Landing in the Old West,she encounters a familiar stranger with apparent ties to her past, which disturbs her greatly. [14] She goes drinking with John Colton,[15]; upon returning to the ship, she is almost immediately summoned by Jefferson; new crewmember Melisande de La Trémoille bails her out. [16] A few days later, Melisande offers to fix Ashrieda's modified gun; they go to the makeshift firing range, where a crowd of kids have gathered. Both Ashrieda and Melisande find their presence strange and suspicious.[17] Going into town, they find that the citizens of Harling Pass are no longer as welcoming to the pirates.[18]

When Chago Moreno is accused of murder in Kanesville, Ashrieda strongly believes that Chago is innocent.[19] She visits Ivan Yorvlad's surgery with Shanen Trevor and Colton to look for anything that might help Chago’s case, where they find that Yorvlad has been doing horrible things to the citizens of Kanesville.



Ashrieda suspects that her father is still alive, but in hiding. She’s heard rumors that she has a mother and a sister somewhere, but has little interest in confirming them. Aboard the Steamhawke, she has yet to establish any close relationships, preferring to keep her distance.


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