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Character Biography
Himuro dae.png

Full name: Akito Masaaki Himuro

Age: 28

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: Engineer of the Steamhawke

Height: 6'1

Body type: average to muscled

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: dark brown

Akito Himuro is a player created original character created by Luh Scaglione (inactive) [1]. He has been donated as an NPC.

Early life

He was born and raised on Tsuri Island with his family. He always hated his life and wanted to discover the world. His first job was as assistant engineer when he was 18. Here he found his vocation. A decade later the ship where he was working got lost in a storm and Akito was lost with the rest of the crew. He woke up on some unknown beach with a missing arm and in pain. He was screaming so loud in the middle of the night that finally some people found him and took care of him until his recovery. Akito built himself a clockwork arm to substitute the lost one. Engineering is actually the only thing he remembers. He discovered his own name because of the only clue left behind: a letter without address of one of his brothers, Kaito. He joined the Steamhawke few months after the accident when he heard they were needing engineers.

Akito was entirely raised with his five younger brothers by his mother, a fishmonger with huge patience for the drunken husband. The family was poor, and all the five brothers started working early to help their mother with the house. Akito never was very close with his family, except for his third brother Kaito, the family artist. Akito was kinda jealous of his brother's talent, but loved him anyway because he was the only one who understood Akito's fear of being trapped in that fishing island forever.

Character story

In Seaport, Akito heard that Captain Bradley was looking for new crew, including engineers. He decided to try and join the ship. He was more than a little surprised the Captain was a woman [2]. He impressed Daenelia with his clockwork arm. He joined Brem's engineeringf team, to take care of the engines of the ship.

Akito did a good job on the engines and bonded with the men of his crew very well. When his boss was held prisoner, he joined in the rescue mission [3]. He still had trouble handling the female crewmates. He learned to tolerate them, and though he never was close to any of them, he felt some kinship with the automaton on board [4].

It wasn't until the ship landed in the Old West that Akito started feeling like part of the crew. This was when Dottie asked him to have a drink with her [5].


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